The Poltergeist Diaries

The Poltergeist Diaries for me is the best movie of 2021. By far, The Poltergeist Diaries is one of the best online movie I have ever seen before. I still remember the first time I saw The Poltergeist Diaries. I expected average crap movie at most, I received amazing movie. I am a huge fan of József Gallai and this movie was his best work of last years. I loved whole cast of The Poltergeist Diaries, even the enemies of the main character. When a director makes movie and all of their scenes so influential that you don't want to pick your favorites, you know it is just a good, quality film. I'm sure that The Poltergeist Diaries will continue to live for next 100 years. Enjoy watching.

Storyline of The Poltergeist Diaries

After moving to an isolated cabin, Jacob Taylor vanishes without a trace. With the help of footage he leaves behind, his family members, friends and a detective try to find answers to the strange events that are centered around him.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery


Director: József Gallai

Country: United States

Duration: 76 min

Quality: HD 720

Release: 2021

IMDb: 5.1